Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Month Of November!!!

The month of November was kind of crazy for us! It seems like my kids are always sick when there is actually something for the fam to do and this time it just happen to fall on Thanksgiving! Kailee got pneumonia and strep, Chase started feeling sick, and then Ryan was sick also! Conner and I were lucky and got to hang out with the extended fam for a little bit it is always such a good time!

A few days after Thanksgiving Chase was in the shower and started to cry so I went in to check on him and he said he had soap in his eyes so I opened the shower door to hand him a washcloth and right as I did it shattered on top of him! He was cut all of his legs so we rushed him to the ER and they had to stitch two pretty good cuts! The next day he was walking really funny, my mother in law just happens to be a OR scrub nurse and she was going to be working with the foot specialist the next morning. We took him in the next morning to hear that it had cut the main tendon in his foot and he had to have surgery right then! It has been a rough few weeks for the little guy! He got his cast of today and got a boot but he will not walk on it so he has to do therapy so hopefully it is not to painful for him!

I will post Christmas soon!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was such a blast we had a big strong football player, a tough good looking cowboy, and a beautiful geisha girl! My kids have an amazing dad he took them all over town and they got a ton of candy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Every year since I can remember we have went to Lagoon thanks to Utah Foam which is the company my dad works for!! It was so much fun even though not everyone was able to come:( The kids loved it! Kailee's favorite ride was the swings even though she was to little to ride them! Ha ha! We forced poor Chase to go on Rattle snake rapids and he cried the whole time we were on it and then when we got off he said he wanted to do it again just tomorrow though! lol:) Conner went on the scariest ride there the white roller coaster the whole time your on it you feel like it is going to fall apart!! It was a fanastic day I am so glad we were able to go! Thanks mom for everything! Thanks dad for working at Utah Foam ha ha even though you didnt come with us!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


We went to San Diego this year with the Robinson clan and it was seriously amazing! Ryan was not able to go because of work which was kind of poopy but we still had so much fun and wish that he could have come! We got there late Thursday night and just crashed! Friday we went to Sea World and it was pretty amazing! The kids were so excited because they got to see free willy in real life! Ha ha! The boys loved the sharks they thought they were pretty cool! Little girl was loving the dolphins! That night we went to our cousins house and the kids went swimming, well they did until they thought they saw sharks! Ha ha:) Kailee's idea of swimming was sitting in the sink and she enjoyed every minute of it! The next three days were spent at the beach just relaxing it was amazing! My mom and dad rented a beach house so we never left the beach, we actually kind of had our own beach it was awesome! I totally reccommend it! I would like to thank mom and dad for the amazing trip and I am so grateful I have such an awesome family!!!




Thursday, August 6, 2009

WARNING Lots of new posts!!!

We have had family here from Arkansas and it has been amazing we have done a ton of fun things! We went four wheeling up log canyon and I think there was like 17 different ATVs it was so fun!! I am going to miss them very much it is always so good to see them they are such amazing people!!!

Here are a few pictures from the ride!!

Check out this little girl she thought she was pretty awesome!! ha ha:) She seriously cracks me up, in these pictures she was telling me that girls rocked!!!


My little Chase bug isnt so little he celebrated his fifth birthday on the fifth! Chase has always been my sweet innocent child but since he has hit the big 5 that has kind of changed! ha ha:) He is such an amazing little boy and is very very loving I love it so much because he still calls me mommy and every time he says that it seriously just melts my heart! I love that he has come out of his shell though because it has made him more confident and with confidence it has made him a little more aggressive which is a great thing when he has got a big brother like Conner, he looks up to him so much and loves to do the things Conner does! Chase I LOVE you so so much and hope you had an awesome BIRTHDAY!!

The picture of him running is when he saw his new bike it was sooo funny:)

My awesome sister and her cute little kiddos were here like the whole month of July and it was so much fun! We went to the annual Ute Stampede and hung out seriously every single night! I wish they lived closer I LOVE and MISS them soooo much! Here are a few pics!!

We went fishing at Scofield and it was so much fun! We were with the Ingram family and all the little boys and been catching fish except for Chase and my nephew Payton, it was starting to get dark so we started packing up and reeling in lines and I said to Ryan I feel so bad that Chase hasn't caught anything and seriously right as I said that Chase yelled dad I think I caught something so of course we are all watching his little tounge was just a sticking out and he was reeling it in as fast as he could and finally the fish came out of the water and he caught the biggest fish of the day it was so awesome! He was so proud of himself and we were all so proud of him too!!

We went to soldier summitt camping on the 24th I look forward to this trip every year it is such a blast! Ryans grandpa grew up there so every time we go up there we are able to see the cabin that Dick grew up in, it is just a couple of logs now but it seriously is so awesome to be able to hear about the memories and see how his life was! There are pictures of the grand kids standing on the logs and then we always put our names in the trees so every time we go we find our names and it is just so awesome it is a tradition I hope to keep